Clinch Knots That Work With Braid Line, Hooks, Lures and Swivels

Hook Knots
Here’s how to tie hooks, lures or swivels to braided fishing line by using four variations of the clinch knot. Sure the Palomar Knot is most widely used in fishing for doing this, but I can tie a clinch much faster. All four of these methods are easy to master and provide a very strong connection.

Here are links to other knot tying videos for braided fishing line:

Attaching Mono of Fluorocarbon Leaders

Easy Method For The FG Knot

Of the four different ways presented in this video I feel the fastest and easiest method for me is the doubled over line clinch knot. Now I haven’t tested any of these for strength, but I’m guessing that the doubled over line knot is the strongest.

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