how to make carp fishing knots carp and mrigale bait recipes

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how to make carp fishing knots carp and mrigale bait recipes ingredients ,,,flour 1 table spoon,semolina 1 tea spoon,bread crumbs 1 table spoon,banana 41,gum flour 1 table spoon,honey 1 tea spoon,ponner pocha 1 table spoon,rice 1 table spoon পস্তুত প্রণালী ময়দা এক টেবিল চামচ,সুজি ১ চাচামচ,মধু ১ চা চামচ,বাসন ১ টেবিল চামচ,রুটির গুড়া ১ টেবিল চামচ,ভাত ১ টেবিল চামচ Hello guys!How are you all…My name is Mohammad Alauddin Alai….My country is Bangladesh….My hobby is fishing….From my childhood I have catches many fishes….Then I have come here in UAE for my job….And I have started fishing here too….But at the first time I didn’t catch any fish….And than I learn from YouTube….And suddenly I have got an idea to teach some people,So I have created this channel….If you learn something from my video I will be very glad….And I will always try my best….So,If you enjoy my videos than plz plz plzzz SUBSCRIBE my channel really appreciate that….And don’t forget to like my videos and if you have any questions comment down below….And share my videos so that video can teach some more people….
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