Trout fishing with minnows HEAPS of trout

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Minnows are an awesome trout fishing lure. I have caught stacks of trout, including quite a few larger trout using minnows as bait.

It’s amazing how a waterway can appear to have very few fish such as this waterway did a few weeks ago, only to come to life after rainfall.

This little trout stream was absolutely teaming with both brown trout and rainbow trout. I was trout fishing with minnows, a Wildbait minnow to be exact, as you can see in this video.
The trout fishing started funny. I won’t say it started slow, because there was trout everywhere. The trout were following my minnow in, hitting it, striking it, swiping it etc… but failing to hook up.
As you will see in this trout fishing video I hooked and lost a number of trout on my minnow, not including the few that did not make it into the video before I finally hooked up to a lovely brown trout with my Wildbait minnow.
From there I caught a couple more trout before the sky got super dark and the heavens really opened up on me as I was driving home.
It seriously bucketed down rain as I was leaving, but it only lasted about 5 minutes.
At the end of this video you will notice a bit of a rant. I stand by what I say, if you break something and it is your fault, take responsibility. Take ownership.
These days in the fishing industry, it is so common for anglers to blame the fishing lure maker, the importer or the tackle distributor.
I realise there are genuine defects with some products, however a lot of the time tackle can break due to the way we handle it.
Even with the lure that broke in this video, I have been using it for a few years so it had done a lot of work and seen some wear and tare.
I hope you enjoy this trout fishing video, trout fishing with minnows. I will place a link below right here to where you can buy the Wildbait minnows.

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